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Roof Coating


We offer liquid applied systems suitable for application to most types of substrates such as mineral felt, asphalt, lead, slate, concrete and metal. We specialise in the overlay of asbestos cement roofs.

  • Joints and Seams - The natural weak points of any roofs is always the joints and seams and over a period of time typically these are the first areas to leak.
  • Glazing Bars and Skylights - Glazing bars can leak when the seal between the bar and glass shrinks or dries out. Our specialist applications also can repair skylights, made of either glass or plastic.
  • Gutters and Pipework - Leaks that have developed as a result of joints deteriorating or through movement in the roof substrate, can be cured by simple localised joint repairs or full gutter relining.
  • Flashings and Penetrations - By over-coating the failed flashings with a flexible membrane, a life expectancy of up to 25 years can be achieved.
  • Parapet Walls and Coping Stones - Water ingress in to the wall or cavity due to movement or cracking of the coping stones can be easily overcome by full or partial overlay.
  • Total Over coating


Legislation is forcing companies to increase control of asbestos based products such as roof panels, pipe lagging, insulation etc.

Replacing asbestos can be very costly. Certainly when it comes to replacing asbestos roof panels a number of factors have to be considered

Disruption to production & down time while asbestos is being removed

Costs of removal and related H&S issues

Replacement of new materials

labour costs

D&R Maintenance Solutions Ltd offer a cost effective solution for waterproofing asbestos roofs.

Utilizing specialist platform systems, cleaning and sealing can be carried out safely on roofs which do not support foot traffic.

A cleaned and coated asbestos roof comes with a Single Point Warranty for up to 25 years. This method will save up to 70% of a roof replacement.

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