Grit Blasting

D+R Maintenance Solutions have a wealth of experience with Grit Blasting

Grit blasting can be used to clean and prepare a variety of surfaces for restoration. These include:

  • Concrete surfaces
  • Metal surfaces
  • Boats & Marine equipment
  • Tank & Bund surfaces


D&R Maintenance Solutions work on a wide range of projects, from blasting steels to preparing massive concrete floors in warehouses, to grit blasting vats, tanks, and pipework.

Additionally, we work across all industry sectors in providing bespoke coating solutions so that your product is protected even further.


Grit Blasting & Surface Preparation




Concrete coatings are used to enhance the durability & prolong the life of your structure.

Generally, anti-carbonation coatings are applied to concrete surfaces to prevent further corrosion.

Concrete that is coated with anti-carbonation coatings reduces carbon dioxide, oxygen and water penetration.

Grit Blasting: Floor Preparation

Grit blasting is an efficient dust-free method of preparing concrete surfaces. 

Due to our reliability and experience, D&R Maintenance Solutions has become a preferred subcontractor to larger construction and engineering companies. 

In particular, we are often called upon to prepare floors and apply floor coatings. 

By combining our expertise, we are able to give your surfaces a clean, professional finish that’s ready for paint application or our epoxy resin coatings.


Preserve Your Pipework

Corrosion is a major concern for pipes’ long-term and short-term operability. If a corroded and rusty pipe is filled with sea water, for example, the damage is severe. This leads to further deterioration and, ultimately, to its replacement, which is a costly expense.

Pipelines corroded by climatic or chemical factors can be effectively cleaned with grit blasting. Using abrasive blasting grit, we effectively remove rust, dirt, and other contaminants and extend the life of your pipelines.

In addition, grit blasting is an ecological method that is not harmful to the environment. This is a major advantage for oil and gas companies since they must meet many environmental standards. Grit blasting is a cost-effective method to preserve pipelines and protect your investment.

Restoring Tanks And Bunds

Tank and bund repair and restoration often requires the removal of old coatings, repairs to cracks and leaks, and the application of new protective coatings.

Grit blasting is an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to clean and prepare surfaces for these operations.

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