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Chemical manufacturing is a complex and heavily regulated industry.

Our highly skilled team at D&R Maintenance Solutions Ltd has twenty years of experience in this sector, which is essential when ensuring that our work is carried out to the highest standard possible.


Specialists in Chemical Manufacturing

One of the biggest challenges in chemical facilities is maintaining a safe, hazard-free and efficient working environment. As a means of protecting your products in the right conditions, and increasing the life of plant, equipment and machinery, D&R Maintenance Solutions Ltd uses high-performance polymer repair composites and protective coatings. We provide support to companies throughout the UK in the food & beverage manufacturing industry, including:

Our engineers provide support to companies throughout the UK in the chemical manufacturing industry:

agricultural chemicals

Agricultural Chemicals

chemical production

Chemical Production

consumer products

Consumer Products

petrochemical manufacturing

Petrochemical Manufacturing

pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

soap & detergent manufacturing

Soap & Detergent Manufacturing



cider manufacturing

Cider Manufacturers

soft drink manufacturing

Soft Drink Producers





dairy production


meat fish and poultry

Meat, Fish, Poultry

chilled and frozen fruit and veg

Chilled & Frozen



animal food

Animal Feed Producers

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Our highly skilled team takes exceptional pride in their work and delivers the highest quality results every time. In addition, we provide long-lasting, effective maintenance services with D&R Maintenance Solutions.

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Tank Repairs - Primary Containment

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D+R provides practical and cost-effective solutions to many maintenance problems wherever they occur

At D&R Maintenance Solutions Ltd, we repair and restore tanks. The most common problems we can help solve include:

Repairs to Tanks

Heat, acid, steam: chemical tanks and chemical (pressure) vessels have to withstand exceptional stresses. That is why many modern tanks are manufactured from stainless steel.

However, many carbon steel tanks are still in use, and these are often lined with epoxy, phenolic or vitreous glass linings which have a greater propensity for degradation.

Defective tank linings are notoriously difficult to clean and tend to harbour bacterial infections. To remedy the issues above, our team performs surface preparation, grit blasting, and lining application. We ensure that the lining and work carried out are corrosion-resistant and containment-resistant.

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Types of Tanks We Repair

Tank Repair and Protection

We use solvent-free materials to extend the life of the tanks by up to 25+ years, depending on the system used and our client’s requirements. We use materials that cure quickly without odour, minimising downtime, labour, and equipment replacement costs in this industry. Many of the coatings we use meet national and international standards for drinking water and food contact (NSF, WRAS, and USDA).


Benefits of Tank Repair

Tank Linings

All of the tank lining systems we use are suitable for use in a variety of industrial environments. They provide chemical resistance, minimal permeation, abrasion resistance and thermal protection. Your tank’s interior lining is both your product’s first layer of protection, as well as your first line of defense against its corrosive contents. Our specialist team carries out tank re-lining, ensuring long-lasting protection.


Work Carried Out for Solvay Solutions LTD

•Refurbishment of tanks and bunds

•Recoating tank exterior and repairing

•Coating concrete bunds to protect against chemicals and the environment

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We offer FDA-approved tank lining systems that ensure optimum corrosion resistance and product purity.


Steel tank exteriors, structural steel, and piping are well protected by our maintenance coatings. We also offer corrosion and UV/weathering resistance with our surface-tolerant epoxy and polyurethane finishes.

Bund Lining & Repairs

If you are considering a bund renovation, there are a few things to remember:

Is your bund structurally sound?

First, you want to make sure that the bund is structurally sound. Then, our team will survey your bund and check for any cracks or leaks. If there are any, they must be repaired as soon as possible.

Types of coating & lining

You want to consider the type of coating or lining that you use. This is important because it will determine how long the bund will last and how well it will protect your assets. Again, our team will advise on the best lining that we will install.

Regular Maintenance

Finally, you want to ensure that you have a plan for regular maintenance. This will help prolong your bund’s life and keep it in good condition.


Floor Repair and Protection

Floors in chemical plants are usually exposed to acids, alkalis, salts, solvents, and other corrosive chemicals. Corrosion and damage can quickly occur if an industrial floor is not protected with the appropriate industrial floor coatings. Our epoxy floor coatings and polymer concrete provide complete protection for floor slabs, curbing, pump pads, and tank bases.

concrete concrete
epoxy Blue floor

We use composites and coatings for fast-curing concrete repairs that resolve impacts and abrasion issues. Using epoxy-based materials, concrete and stone can be resurfaced and protected against chemical and environmental attacks.

These coatings are specially designed to provide long-term chemical protection for secondary containment areas, channels, and gratings.

As well as providing slip-resistance flooring, coatings are available in various colours to enhance visibility and increase safety.

Epoxy & Polyurethane Floor Coating

Polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings offer a durable, attractive finish that’s easy to clean. Polymers allow for dust-free application with little maintenance required; they also resist chemicals, so you can keep these areas looking their best!

Epoxy and polyurethane repairs can transform your tired concrete surfaces into a new flooring look with added durability.

We apply these products by brush or roller for 50-250 microns per coat to create an easy clean surface that is perfect in high-traffic areas such as manufacturing plants.

expoxy floor coating
walkways & stairs

Walkways & Stairs Solutions

There are many flooring solutions available today that can be used to create a safe and slip-resistant surface for walkways and stairs

Stair safety and non-slip walkways are crucial in chemical processing plants. Our products are tough, durable and able to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Walkways and stairs can be textured to improve traction underfoot and prevent workers from slipping and falling.

Anti-Slip Resin

Anti-slip resin is one such solution that can coat existing surfaces or apply to new construction. This type of resin is typically made from a polymer that is mixed with an abrasive material, such as sand to increase the level of traction. It can be applied as a liquid or a powder and cures to create a hard, durable surface. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.


Concrete Repairs & Protection Systems


Where refurbishment work is carried out in busy manufacturing sites, we ensure that there is minimal disruption during the remedial works.

The products we use are ultra-fast drying whichs allows two coats to be applied on the same day. We use water-based coatings that are ultra low odour and do not release any hazardous solvents, which are critical factors in chemical manufacturing environments.

Benefits of Concrete Repair

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