D+R Maintenance Solution's chemical resistant coatings can withstand even the most caustic solvents, acids and alkalis.

Some specific industries may need your floors to stand up against different fluids used for that field, such as aviation hangars designed to withstand hydraulic fluid spillage.

The flooring systems D&R Maintenance Solutions creates and installs are chemical resistant, durable, and easy to keep clean, regardless of the industry and chemicals in use.

chemical, chemical resistant

Chemical Resistant Resin Technology

Our flooring and bunding/tanking installations take advantage of the latest chemical-resistant resin technology to protect against various chemicals used in your industry.

Our specialist team is trained and highly skilled. We remove your existing floor coverings and tank linings, shot blast-exposed concrete and metal, and apply chemical resistant flooring and bunds.

Despite a wide range of chemicals, we are confident in designing a system that offers protection.

Our Solutions Cover the Following Areas:

  • Bunds surrounding chemical storage tanks
  • Protection against most chemicals offering a bespoke solution depending on the chemicals used
  • Protection against hydraulic aviation fluid
  • Automotive hydraulic and brake fluid protection
  • Chemicals used in waste recycling to protect concrete floors
  • Protection from harsh acid or alkali attacks
chemical, chemical resistant
chemical, chemical resistant

We provide bespoke chemical resistant flooring solutions for these industries

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Local Authority and Education
  • Food industry
  • Printing

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Our team will design a customised system for you based on your material safety data. Our well-experienced team has delivered many different flooring solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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