Industry:  Renovations & Protection of Roofs


A local council needed to extend the life of one of its depots and the roof was causing serious issues with continual leaks. The cost to replace the roof was prohibitive and a more cost effective solution was required.


An overlay refurbishment system with a minimum life expectance of 5 years with a manufacturer’s backed warranty. Also, the depot had to remain in operation at all times and therefore removal of the roof was not an option.


A liquid applied fully reinforced overlay was applied. This provided a seamless fully bonded overcoating to the asbestos cement sheeting. During the application, it was decided to also recondition the parapet walls, lead work and glazed roof lights. This was done with no additional disruption.

Benefit of the Client

  • Cost effective non intrusive application
  • Fully warranted for 5 years with a life expectancy of well in excess of this
  • No disruption during installation
  • Improved aesthetics