Refurbishment Warehouse Floor

Industry:  Floor Coatings & Screeds


The use of a very large warehouse had changed and it is now used for the storage and distribution of high value truck parts. Three issues then became apparent. Firstly the floor, particularly around the expansion joints, had deteriorated and the “picking trucks” were becoming dangerous to operate. Secondly, the floor was “dusting”, creating cleanliness issues. Finally, forklifts entering the building with wet tyres were regularly skidding.


To repair the damaged concrete, creating a smooth and level surface, especially around the expansion joints. Then to apply a hard wearing, skid-resistant floor coating which would be colour coded to identify gangways and storage areas.


The application of a polymer concrete repair system, highly flexible and durable expansion joint filling and durable coating, incorporating a grip system. Not only was a very attractive finish achieved but also a safe, durable surface was created.

Benefit of the Client

  • Removal of skid risk
  • Creation of a smooth, level area for safe truck operation
  • Removal of “dusting” issue
  • Long term repair of expansion joints
  • Identification of walkways

Machine shop floor

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