Machine shop floor

Machine Shop Floor The Problem: Due to unavoidable process oil contaminating the floor a slip hazard was apparent. Requirement: To produce an effective slip resistant floor coating, which was also aesthetically pleasing , easy to clean and would enable demarcation areas to be created. Solution: By applying a fast curing polymeric system incorporating a very […]

Refurbishment loading bay

Refurbishment Loading Bay The Problem: On a wet concrete loading bay, a major slip hazard existed and the client was very concerned that a forklift truck would be involved in an accident. Requirement: The disruption to the operation by carrying out the refurbishment needed to be kept to minimum. Also the system had to be […]

Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover The Problem: When wet, particularly during the winter period when ice became an additional hazard the metal surfaces of the manhole covers became a major slip hazard. Requirement: To produce an effective slip resistant coating system in an outside environment, which was also aesthetically pleasing, within a very restricted budget. Solution: By applying […]

Factory Walkway

Factory Walkway The Problem: Due to H&S requirements, pedestrian walkways and line marking were required. Requirement: To create designated pedestrian walkways, in line with corporate colour schemes. These should be slip resistant, easy to maintain and able to withstand traffic from forklift trucks. Solution: By applying a rapid curing (MMA based) system which was colour […]

Quarry tiled kitchen floor

Quarry tiled kitchen floor The Problem: Localised damage, cracking, debonding of Quarry tiles within the kitchen were causing both a trip hazard and cleanliness issues. Requirement: To repair only degraded areas with no damage to surrounding area and minimal disruption to the operation of the kitchen Solution: Removal of all loose/damaged tiles and re-screeding with […]

Garage Floor

Garage Floor The Problem: Many years of heavy use with the associated contamination caused by vehicle maintenance had created a dangerous working environment which was also extremely dirty and slip hazardous. Requirement: To create designated working area, which would be easy to maintain and create a safe, user friendly environment. The system had to possess […]

Refurbishment Warehouse Floor

Problem The use of a very large warehouse had changed and it is now used for the storage and distribution of high value truck parts. Three issues then became apparent. Firstly the floor, particularly around the expansion joints, had deteriorated and the “picking trucks” were becoming dangerous to operate. Secondly, the floor was “dusting”, creating […]

Refurbishment Warehouse Floor 2

Industry:  Floor Coatings & Screeds Problem Unsurfaced unsuitable warehouse floor – 2000 sqm Requirement Moisture sensitive floor requiring repairing, sealing and coating. Firstly the floor was shotblasted and local repairs were carried out. Solution A liquid dampproof membrane was installed to seal the concrete substrate, a self levelling screed was pumped in followed by 2 […]

Refurbishment of steps and walkways

Problem Due to deterioration over several years the walkways and access stairways around the facility were causing a slip and trip hazard. Requirement To repair localised damage to the base concrete and apply an aesthetically pleasing surface which would give long term durability and possess slip resistant characteristics. Solution By applying a resin bonded aggregate […]